Akshay Kumar the only Indian actor in the Forbe’s list of 2019

We got an Indian actor on the list and he is at the number 4 position one of the finest and hard-working person Akshay Kumar sir. He is a good actor also a good person by heart.

According to Forbe’s list of world’s top 10 highest paid actor of 2019 are:

  1. Dwayne Johnson ($89.4 million)
  2. Chris Hemsworth ($76.4 million)
  3. Robert Downey Jr. ($66 million)
  4. Akshay Kumar ($65 million)
  5. Jackie Chan ($58 million)
  6. Bradley Cooper ($57 million)
  7. Adam Sandler ($57 million)
  8. Chris Evans ($43.5 million)
  9. Paul Rudd ($41 million)
  10. Will Smith ($35 million)

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